MJ Marketing Group offers an extensive range of marketing and creative services in order to meet the diverse needs of small business and big corporations. We work across many industries in the B to B and B to C environments on projects small or large.


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The MJ Marketing Group is a convenient external resource providing your business with everything and anything required to meet the objectives and strategies of your marketing plan. And if you don't have a marketing plan, we can write one and implement it for you.

We also provide a fast turnaround graphic design service where we work with clients to produce marketing collateral on and offline. We also offer market research and can cater to any project small or large. Below is a summary of the full MJ Marketing Group service offering:

Marketing AdviceMARKETING Advice

Every business no matter how small or large will come to a stage when they will need some Marketing ADVICE. The MJ Marketing Group understands this, because we deal with businesses every day wanting different things.

Things such as: Do we need to re-brand and re-fresh our business identity to remain competitive? Are we advertising and marketing our business cost effectively? Do we really understand who our customers are and what they want? Should we do some marketing research and find out more? How can I increase leads and sales for my business?

These questions are common in any business. This is why the MJ Marketing Group work closely with clients in understanding their needs and objectives. Then develop appropriate strategies to meet these expectations.

To find out more about our marketing advice services, please call or email us at marton@mjmarketinggroup.com.au.

Marketing ResearchMARKET Research

The MJ Marketing Group provides a Marketing Research service through its close partner Media and Social Research International. Headed by George Jakab, he works closely with all clients providing marketing research outcomes that feed into the marketing strategies.

It has always been the case but it is particularly so today in a very confused and economically murky international economic environment, to carry out investigative market research if it is planned to make a significant investment in a venture. However, the crucial issue in the first instance is to clearly define what the research is required to answer and then ensure the agreed methodology is meticulously designed and implemented.

This is what usually or often, doesn’t happen, and this is where Social and Media Research International excels.

The research design and execution can be difficult and frustrating to achieve but SMRI does not shirk the challenge, because it is believed the client is entitled to expect that the delivered results will be worth the resources devoted to the investment.

George Jakab has worked in the Market Research profession for over thirty years on enumerable and wide ranging projects. He has specialised in delivering a combination of qualitative and qualitative results of depth and strategic value, for both the public and private sectors both here and overseas. The wide ranging projects he has been involved in include: concept and advertising testing, media and social investigations, product development, attitude research-particularly in the public sector and the world of finance and investment, programme development testing for radio and television, etc.

If you have a marketing research project in mind, quantitative or qualitative, please contact the MJ Marketing Group by emailing us at george@mjmarketinggroup.com.au.


ImplementationMARKETING Communications

The MJ Marketing Group work with many clients on the iMPLEMENTATION of their communication and marketing plan. We prepare, manage and monitor marketing strategies from start to finish. And we work efficiently as an external reseource.

This is why outsourced marketing services can be a very cost effective way for any business to keep overall marketing costs down. No need for a full time marketing manager when you can use the MJ Marketing Group to support your business and its marketing communication efforts.

With experience across all forms of marketing, the MJ Marketing Group works closely with its clients to ensure that the right marketing tools are used to most effectively and efficiently reach the desired target markets. Managing schedules, budgets and brand consistency is what we do best in generating leads and sales for our clients.

To find out more about our marketing support services, please call or email us at marton@mjmarketinggroup.com.au.


Graphic designGRAPHIC DESIGN

The MJ Marketing Group offers a cost effective graphic design service.

This means that we can create for your business, anything that you would need to market and sell your product.

We have graphic designer and art directors in our team that work on your project. We can quote up small projects and develop brands and manage larger projects.

We develop ideas - write, design + produce: Advertisements for any publications, DL card, leaflets, electronic direct mail pieces, brochures, sales presentation folders, direct mail campaigns, web sites, photography, copywriting, press releases, promotions, PLUS can arrange printing of anything through our supplier-partner network.

To find out more about our graohic design and creative services OR you need a quote for a project, please call or email us at marton@mjmarketinggroup.com.au.


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